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G.N.O | Saturday, September 1, 2012 | Seaport & Bambu

Our Hot Pot. Selca-ing in Bambu. The girls.
Hi everyone! Happy Sunday, I just wanted to blog about my amazing outing last night. (=

So every Saturday, me, my cousins, and my aunts go out somewhere to either watch a movie or eat someplace new. Yesterday, we went to Seaport Seafood & Hot Pot. It's a little like Boiling Crab but it has Hot Pot! This location has been changed to so many different names but always had Hot Pot.

So we have to eat on the table (if you guys have been to these kind of seafood places, you know). They give you gloves and a bib to wear because it WILL get MESSY but that's the fun of it.

We had some shrimp with 2 different flavors, and my favorite was the beef Hot Pot! It was SPICY and I LOVED it.
I look pretty ridiculous in the first box. Yay lime+peace.
Crawfish. Putting on that bib.
I tried crawfish for the first time. It was really weird to eat. OH NO I forgot to take a picture of my Dungeness Crab! Our waiter was great she was patient with a big group of 9 and was very kind. The other workers as well was great. (Check this place out).

I posted these pictures on my instagram, if you don't follow me yet... you should! (=

So after dinner we went to Bambu which was like next door for some dessert.

It was a pretty cold night so I went with Hot Chocolate. Their hot chocolate had a different taste compared to others I've tried and I've tried lots. It was pretty good but can't beat Starbucks...

I can't wait for next week, we're going to Boracay... Grill. HAHA talk to you guys soon!

Happy reading. (=
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