Sunday, April 6, 2014

TheFACESHOP's Baby Leaf Green Tea Oil Free Toner and Waterfull Emulsion REVIEW/Tutorial

Hi everyone! Today I'll be reviewing another Face Shop product. I absolutely love green tea products so of course, I HAD to try this toner and emulsion. I used to use the e'thym line for my toner and moisturizer (you can see it in my skincare routine post)  but, Face Shop recently discontinued it. I ran to the local Face Shop store and had to look for a new pair. I've been using their Green Tea Foam cleanser so I thought that this line would go great with it and let me tell you, IT DOES.

I apply the toner after washing my face and drying it. I apply an adequate amount on a facial cotton pad and then wipe it around my face starting from the middle of the face and outwards.

This toner is oil-free so it doesn't leave your face feeling oily. The toner has a green tea scent which I absolutely love! The bottle's opening is an appropriate size to get just the right amount you need on the face pad. One bottle has lasted me for 3-4 months. I have combination skin which means I get really oily but feel really dry at the same time and because this product is oil free but moisturizes is a big plus for me.

Overall rating: 5/5 
Smell: 5/5 
Texture: 4/5 
Oil Control: 5/5
Pros: It leaves my face feeling very very clean.
Cons: nothing so far!
Will I buy again?: YES YES YES, Actually, I'm on my third bottle now. >.<

After I apply the toner, I apply the emulsion. An emulsion is just like a moisturizer. I apply an adequate amount on my fingers and I warm it up between my hands and I apply it on my face starting from the middle and outwards.

The scent is also green tea and what I love about this emulsion is that it spreads so well. My face doesn't feel too wet or oily but it also does its job--it moisturizes. My face doesn't feel dry at all throughout the day after applying this emulsion in the morning. It doesn't make my face look shiny either. When first trying it, it did not break me out, and my face is very sensitive to new things which amazed me. The bottle is the same size as the toner, and they both always finish at the same time which is great cause I won't have to buy one and then the other one on different days. 


Overall rating: 5/5 
Smell: 5/5 
Texture: 5/5 
Oil Control: 5/5
Pros: Moisture stays on all day and doesn't leave me oily/shiny.
Cons: nothing so far!
Will I buy again?: YES YES YES!
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