Sunday, July 29, 2012

TheFaceShop's FACE it Oil Cut Powder Pact Review

Hi everyone! I'm back with another make up review. This product is from The Face Shop's line FACE it. It is their Oil Cut Powder Pact.

The one I have comes in the shade of NB 23. It is their darkest shade.I used to use a Johnson and Johnson powder pact I got from the Philippines, ever since elementary school, to keep my face matte because I get SUPER OILY but since I was getting into TheFaceShop, I said "why not try their powder pact?". It was one of the greatest decisions I've made! I've been using this powder pact for about 5-6 months. (These pictures were taken right when I purchased it)

On the back there is this English quote:
"Double-lasting Powder coated in two layers to facilitate perspiration and sebum resistance prevents sheen and dull complexion and maintains the freshness of initial make-up for a long period. Particles in ultra fine texture adhere to the skin delicately to make it appear fair and smooth.
Oil-Cut Complex: A patented phyto-complex containing mung bean extract, birch extract and curly dock extract to prevent skin problems by controlling sebum production."

It's supposed to be for pore/blackhead problems. I really like how it's oil cut so it doesn't break me out. 
This comes with an applicator and I use this instead of a powder brush because it gives me better coverage. This is just perfect for my skin because it matches my skin tone a lot better than my old powder. You can't really tell I'm wearing anything on my face but it does give of a smoother natural looking face.

It does what it says it does. I keeps my sebum free for a couple of hours. I don't retouch a lot because it can last me about a whole school day. It keeps my most T-Zone oil free.

It has a flowery kind of smell. It smells cute (you know what I mean!). It also doesn't cake up so it applies very nicely and keeps your face baby smooth.

This has a yellowy base so perfect for those asian skin but it also works towards those fair skinned people like me even though this shade is still a bit too light for me...

Overall rating: 5/5 
Coverage: 3/5
Smell: 5/5 
Texture: 5/5 
Oil Control: 5/5

Pros: It keeps me oily free for a long period of time.
Cons: It is still a tad bit to light for my skin.

Will I buy again? OF COURSE! BEWARE: This product is expensive... OTL

I'm thinking of trying their Oil Cut Dual BB Cream too! Anybody ever tried it yet? Tell me about it (=

Happy reading! 

*I am not sponsored by TFS and I bought all products reviewed with my own money*

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