Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Goodbye 2014! (Favorite Products of 2014)

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Happy New Year everyone! My New Year's resolution this year is 
to be able to blog at least once a month (fingers crossed!). 

2014 has definitely been very eventful from graduating, to starting university, 2014 wasn't the best but it was worth remembering.

I'm not one of those people that believe that just because it's a new year, everything that happened in the past year will be erased and we can start anew. To me, ending a year and beginning a new one, is a chance to start planning how you can make the new year better or how to improve yourself further by reflecting on mistakes that were done in the past year.

Enough with the sappy "New Year" stuff, on to the fun stuff!

I will be listing my top 10 favorite products that I used in 2014 from 10-1, 1 being my ultimate favorite! Along with the list, I will include a brief review/opinion of the product and why it made my list.

While writing this post I'm listening to: Oh Yeah - GD&TOP ft. Park Bom

10) L'Oreal Brow Stylist Sculptor

I bought this because I had ran out of my Face Shop eyebrow pencil right when I started university and I wasn't able to go to The Face Shop at that time (I needed to save my eyebrows!). I ended up loving it and I will definitely still be using this. This was a great replacement, it matched my hair color better than my Face Shop one because but now I know to get a darker shade. I will update this post with the color ASAP. I chose this because it comes with a brush and on the other end it has a gel to set the eyebrows after filling them in. 

9) eos Sweet Mint
This is definitely my go to lip balm. I apply this on my lips before I put lipstick. It leaves my lips feeling moisturized all day and I don't usually reapply unless I've completely wiped it off. My lips can get really dry and this saves the day! 

8) Revlon Colorburst in Standout
This matte balm stays on ALL DAY! I have been searching high and low for the perfect red lipstick and when i encountered this, I really wanted to try it because it looked like a crayon. I remember when I first tried it on I thought that it was way too red for me but I eventually fell in love with the color, texture, and how long it lasts.

7) The Face Shop's Coral Cushion Blusher in Peach
This blush is not too pigmented which allows for a natural look. I have darker skin so I was initially afraid to use blush but the peach goes great with my skin tone and I use it everyday!

6) Milano's Eyetech Liquid Eye Liner
My cousin suggested for me to try this eyeliner out and at that time I was biased to gel eyeliners and did not have high expectations for this eyeliner but unlike other liquid pen eyeliner, it is super easy to apply and the tip is soft unlike another brand I tried out which felt like a marker tip.

5) Will Update Name
This lipstick was part of hunt for the perfect red/maroon lipstick. This was purchased at Target and this was the shade I was looking for. It is not too red but it is not too dark. It doesn't stay on as long as I want to but it applies smoothly and semi-glossy.

4) The Face Shop's Oil-Cut Sun Cream
I have been using this sun cream ever since I discovered Face Shop. This was one of the first products I had purchased. I use this in my everyday skin care routine. I have an oily face so this oil-cut is perfect. It is easy to spread even though it is oil-cut. This sun cream can also act as a primer because I have noticed that when I don't apply it, my face is a lot more red.

3) MAC's Skinfinish Mineral Powder in Beige
This product leaves my face looking flawless! It truly looks natural and leaves my face oil free, the whole day. I apply this over my BB cream. I feel that this product helps my skin because when I don't use it for awhile, I get a lot of pimples compared to when I use it often. 

2) The Face Shop's Design My Eyebrow in Dark Brown
This is my very first eyebrow pencil/gel pen. The shade I got was lighter than my real hair color but it still looked natural. It allowed me to create a nice shape and people thought it was natural. This comes with a brush on one end which is a big plus for me!

1) MAC's Gel Liner in Blacktrack
I will forever love my MAC gel eyeliner. It is super easy to apply and it does not dry out too fast. I love how it allows me to control how much liner I want and how dark it goes on. The brush that goes with it makes it easy and fast to create a nice wing.

Thank you to all my readers and all the support from 2014. I will try my very best to keep blogging more often, 2015 will be a great year! Please continue to support and read (=

Happy reading! Happy New Year!

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