Friday, January 4, 2013

My Skin Care Routine (Day&Night)

Hi everyone! Today I'll be sharing my everyday skin care routine step by step (=
I have the same routine for morning and night with the exception of the pre-makeup step. I always start my skin care routine AFTER I shower. So, let's get started!

STEP 1: Get your hair out of your face whether it be tying it up or using a hair turban.
Excuse the swollen face, I've been eating way too much this winter break...
 STEP 2: Cleanse! 

I use TFS' Green Tea Phyto Powder Cleansing Foam. I've reviewed this awhile back. I get an adequate amount on my fingers then spread it on my face in a circular motion all over. I avoid the eye area.

 STEP 3: Wipe dry.

 STEP 4: Toner. 

I use TFS' E'thym Balancing Toner. Dispense some on a cotton pad and wipe on face outwards.

STEP 5: Mosturize! 

I use TFS' E'thym Moisture Lotion. Get an adequate amount on face and I personally apply it in a circular motion but it says to apply outwards. 

 STEP 6: Pre-makeup/Sunscreen. 
When I'm not going anywhere I just apply sunscreen but if I am going somewhere and I want to apply some BB cream/foundation, first sunscreen, second my SPAN oil control pre-makeup and then my BB cream.

I'm not going anywhere special today so I didn't apply any makeup. I will make a separate post on that soon!
I hope you enjoyed!

*Every product stated is bought with my own money and am not sponsored*
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