Sunday, September 30, 2012

"A Night Out" Nail Tutorial

Hi everyone! I'm back with another nail tutorial. This time, I ditched the pastel colors and went for more elegant looking colors. This nail design reminds me of a night out with the purple and pearl color complimented with gold jewel looking dots.

Products used:

NYC ____
Gold Daiso Nail Polish
NYC Plaza Plumberry

Materials Needed:
Paint Pallet
Mechanical Pencil
  1. Paint 3 nails with the beige Pearl color (your choice)
  2. Paint the other 3 nails with the Plum color (your choice)
  3. Put top coat on all nails
  4. Put a decent amount of gold in the plastic pallet
  5. Take your dotting tool and dot 3 gold dots on the bottom corner of your plum nails, in a triangle pattern (shown in the picture)
  6. Put top coat on nails you applied the dots
Left Hand
Right Hand
Thank you for reading and I hope you guys try it yourself! (=

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